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The identification of a dog's health

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 In order to keep a dog healthy, dog owners need to have a basic knowledge of what constitutes a healthy dog.Healthy dogs are responsive to changes in the environment, good in spirit, athletic, no strange temper or abnormal behavior, easy to tame, cooperative, good in appetite, but do not drink too much water;


Vomit: Dogs, like cats, are carnivores that tend to vomit.If persistent vomiting occurs, it should be taken seriously.

Diarrhoea: Diarrhoea in a dog is a sign of illness, especially continuous diarrhea, which should be taken

Measures.In particular, dogs that have not been vaccinated against canine distemper should consult a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Dry and wet nose: normal dog nose is black and wet.Wet excessive runny nose, may be a cold;If the nose end is dry and rough, it is the performance of fever;

Shake head to catch ear: this is the peculiar symptom of ear disease, if the inside of ear is dirty and smelly, the possibility is to have parasite, there is dandruff on ear tip, the possibility has scabies worm;

Skin Scratching: If your dog is disturbed and frequently scratches at his skin and coat, it is a sign of parasites such as fleas and lice.

Frequent urination or defecation: Frequent urination may be due to bladder or urethra problems, frequent defecation may be due to intestinal problems, should promptly take the dog to veterinary hospital for medical treatment;

Drinking Water Disorder: Dogs often approach drinking water basins to drink.But to drink can not or into the mouth of the water and drip out, these nine times out of ten is the throat disease;

Appetite: The dog is not interested in the food he likes to eat on a daily basis or the food that smells good. He eats less or refuses to eat. This is abnormal.

Healthy posture should be to show natural balance curve when standing, limb stands upright, without deformity.The chest is broad, the abdomen is contracting, and the body muscles (especially the buttocks and back muscles) are full and strong.Slightly cool nose end, mouth, nose, eyes, 



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