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Methods and main technical points of pig insect repellent

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Insecticide is usually used in early spring (March to April) and late autumn (L0 to December) or according to the regular insecticide (as the system) of each farm. Boars and breeding sows are insecticized for 1 times per quarter (that is, 4 times per year). Each time, they are fed with the mixture of Foiga powder (main ingredients of Ivermectin and albendazole) for 7 days.The back-up breeding pigs were dewormed once before being transferred into the breeding house.The mixture was fed with Fuyijia powder for 7 days continuously: sows were wormed once about 15 days before breeding; newborn piglets were wormed 1 time at about 50-60 days of age during the conservation stage.The mixture was fed with Fuyijia powder for 7 days: the pigs were dewormed once before the introduction of the pig mixture, and each mixture was fed with Fuyijia powder for 7 days.Insect buster is good to drive out the mite mite and other parasites, pig body surface and fence house wall with the enemy spray.Albendazole and fenbendazole had strong insecticidal effects on nematodes, fluke, whipworm and their transitional larva, tapeworm, etc.Pigs are usually infected by a mixture of parasites.Therefore, broad-spectrum compound drugs should be used when selecting drugs.Can achieve at the same time expel inside the body outside the purpose of all sorts of parasites.Cats, dogs and other pets are strictly prohibited.At the same time, strengthen the management of fermentation pad.Through the accumulation of fermentation pad, kill the eggs in time.

Use of topical insecticides: parasitic on the skin surface or under the epidermis of pigs, such as sarcopies, blood lice, ticks, etc., which are vectors of disease transmission, damage the integrity of the fur, reduce the ratio of feed to gain, and cause losses that can not be underestimated.It can be used to kill ectoparasites effectively. It can be used to kill ectoparasites effectively.Fly maggot can choose fly maggot clear, mixed feed mixed drink all can, in fly breeding season can be used for a long time, 



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