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Health programmes for Suckling piglets

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(1) The infusion rate of 0.25mL per head and neck muscle of neonatal piglets at the age of 1 day can promote lactation and effectively prevent secondary bacteria such as para-pig, streptococcal disease and yellow and white dysentery of piglets, so as to improve the survival rate of piglets.

(2) When Suckling piglets at the age of L-5 days were ligated with umbilical cord, teeth and tail were cut off, each piglet was sprayed with 1mL of Formethazine to prevent dysentery and respiratory tract infection caused by stress.Intramuscular injection of blood-rich -L00 (1mL) into the medial hind legs of piglets after iron supplementation was performed for the second time at 15 days of age.When piglets were 5 days old, 0.5mL of EucoQing could kill coccidia for life.If the pig farm to do the three-needle protection key, according to the actual disease characteristics of the field, targeted choice of drugs, such as Epyrethroid, mycoplasma pressure pig farm can be injected okamixian, if the para-pig, streptococcal disease, infectious pleural pneumonia, swine pulmonary disease and other pressure is large can be injected okamixian or okamixian for three-needle health care.

(3) When Suckling piglets at 7 days of age, the infusion rate of 0.25mL per head and neck muscle and 5mL probiotics were administered to regulate intestinal flora, promote feeding inducement, improve disease resistance, and increase weight gain and uniformity of piglets.

(4) The piglets at 7-25 days of age should be immunized with necessary vaccines, among which swine fever should be prevented.Blue ear, circa, mycoplasma, streptococcus, para-pig vaccines are selectively immunized according to the conditions of the pig farm.

(5) Weaning of Suckling piglets at 2L-28 days of age should be timely, and LML should be injected into each cephalic muscle during weaning to relieve weaning stress, improve the survival rate of weaning, and effectively prevent post-weaning stress diarrhea and bacterial secondary infection, common para-pig, streptococcus, colibacillosis, et



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