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The identification of a dog's health

In order to keep a dog healthy, dog owners need to have a basic knowledge of what constitutes a healthy dog.Healthy dogs are responsive to changes in the environment, good in spirit, athletic, no strange temper or abnormal...

Health programmes for Suckling piglets

The infusion rate of 0.25mL per head and neck muscle of neonatal piglets at the age of 1 day can promote lactation and effectively prevent secondary bacteria such as para-pig, streptococcal disease and yellow and white dysentery...

Methods and main technical points of pig insect repellent

Insecticide is usually used in early spring (March to April) and late autumn (L0 to December) or according to the regular insecticide (as the system) of each farm. Boars and breeding sows are insecticized for 1 times per quarter...

Oak Pharmaceutical poultry disease treatment program

Respiratory symptoms as the main lesion: Spray morning and evening Wenduqing 1 once each, or drink water with toxin injection or drinking water with Mycoplasma + Hoqi or Kuke + Hoqi for 3 to 5 days;Drink water with amino -18 or Vitoria.



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